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Promotion, Publicity, and the Indie Artist

Indie Radio Inbox Hip Hop Blues As a DJ/radio personality my Email inbox is filled with music from so many different indie artists, but not so many well written bios, Electronic Press Kits (EPK), or press releases. It is paramount to effectively interact with the publicity aspect of your promotional mix. Let’s talk about marketing […]

It's a Wonderful Life Bluray Review

Director Frank Capra explored the theme of the innate goodness of the young at heart, as personified by James Stewart, overcoming the evil schemes of black-hearted older men once before in 1939's Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, a scathing attack on corruption and misuse of power as demonstrated by the Taylor machine; a combination of […]

Splitting the Roles of CEO and Chairman

Traditionally, in American businesses, the same person occupies the role of chairman of the board and chief executive officer, though this is gradually shifting to the European model. In most European, British, and Canadian businesses, the roles are usually split, in an effort to ensure better governance of the company, and in turn bring higher […]

The Dirty Truth About Cheating

Touchy subject I know but it's in all the headlines. With the current sex scandal of Tiger Woods, the subject needs to be discussed. It happens all over the world on a regular basis. Every cheater does not get caught. Every cheater is not a worldwide celebrity and creates a story that makes any canary […]

The Life of an Indigenous Artist

Indian indigenous art has a long and checkered history. From the early cave paintings in Ajanta and Ellora to the present day wall murals in urban cities — tribal art has survived the ravages of time and emerged stronger. Today however the life of an indigenous artist is hardly a peaceful one. Faced with dwindling […]

Tibetan Art Books — Discovering the Artist in You

Tibetan art books contain a collection of culture and traditions which are mostly spiritual in nature. Ingenuity and creativity are the most common description of this ancient art of Tibet. Their artists utilize their talents and skills in creating amazing masterpieces. More importantly, they put their heart in everything they create. Most Tibetan artists went […]

The Use of Different Types of Artist Brushes

It is manufactured to meet the requirements of artists. An excellent paint brush can work wonders and bring life to any canvas. With over a million brushes available in the markets today, it is quite a task to choose the right kind of it. However, by following certain basic rules, it is possible to select […]

What is a Graphic Artist

A graphic artist is a person who is responsible for conceptualizing creative designs, and illustrating and implementing them in graphic form for dissemination in media such as print, digital media, motion pictures, animation, product decoration, packaging and signs. A graphic artist can have multiple job roles, as his post in a company depends on his […]

Max Krimmel — Tool Hero Artist Extraordinaire

Max Krimmel is fortunate to have learned from an early age what the feeling of being a successful artist was like. At 8 years old, he won his first prize for a Halloween Kachina costume that included a spectacular headdress, leggings and moccasins. "At age 12, he won first, second and third places in a […]

Online Forex

Q1: When you consider that the foreign exchange market has become the world's largest financial market, with over $ 1.5 trillion USD traded daily, where does it go from here? A1: The FX market is unique, in the UK there is no central exchange, we trade via the inter bank market. With more and more […]

The Ukraine Scandals: 5 Things To Consider

To many Americans, and citizens of the world, it seems, we have spent, the last couple of years, focusing on a variety of scandals, and/ or, potential ones! Most recently, we’ve become absorbed, and inundated with several controversies, regarding our interactions, with, and regarding, Ukraine. Once again, many of the disclosures, thus far released, seem, […]

The Difference between Artist and Students Grade Paints

Why does one tube of Cadmium Red Light cost $14 and another is only $2.99? Confused? A condensed explanation is: unless it says «artist» on the tube, it isn’t! The following information refers to all paint media: Acrylic, Oil, and Watercolor. You’ve noticed, I’m sure, that the artist grade paints are always more expensive. Here’s […]

Tips on How to Become a Comic Book Artist

Comic book artist David Cassaday is one of the most well-known names in the comic book industry today. This 36-year-old began his career in filmmaking school but found fortuitous luck when he presented his drawing portfolio to a few publishers at the San Diego Comic Book Convention in 1996. "He knew how to draw mood […]

Credit Crunch — What Credit Crunch?

Did you spend time walking down any shopping precinct before Christmas last year? I don't know about your but I saw masses of shoppers wandering around with great big bags under their arms, and no sign of long faces … One man's misfortune is another's opportunity, as my father used to tell me, and now […]

Do Athletes Make Good Role Models?

I've written about sport for many years. Some good, some bad, and yep, some pretty ugly. So, let's get right to it — on balance would I say that athletes make good role models? Of course they do! What's that you say, you don't agree? As someone who writes about self improvement, personal development and […]

Is Bank Secrecy Disappearing?

In recent months, news surrounding international bank secrecy has taken center stage across various media outlets and government discussions. From the UBS probe to the Stanford scandal, bank secrecy has been attacked and shrouded as illegal tax evasion or unsavory business practice. While certain individuals, including those at the heart of the UBS scheme and […]

Secretariat's Belmont

The power. The elegance. The remarkable beauty. The intense anticipation. The moment. The race. The dirt flies. In 1973, a horse named Secretariat struck out of the starting gate with all of the other Kentucky Derby contenders. It was this day that he set himself apart from every other horse in history. He had won […]

Leaders — What Can We Learn From Them?

Can we learn the secrets of success from the leaders we admire so much and put such lessons to effective use to seek our own opportunities for success? After all, they go about their work and keep achieving success and are not going to teach us! The answer is: We can definitely learn from them […]

Is Male Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe For Treating Andropause?

The male hormone replacement industry has been hit hard recently by continued scandal in professional sports. For companies that specialize in treating low testosterone and other male hormone deficiencies, having continued bad publicity in the media have made many men question what type of association they want to have with companies that provide hormone replacement […]