KID FRESINO — No Sun (Official Music Video)

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KID FRESINO — No Sun (Official Music Video)

Director, Editor : Tomokazu Yamada
Cinematographer : Tomoyuki Kawakami
Steadicam : Takuma Iwata
B Camera : Yuki Shiratori
Camera Assistant : Kohei Shimazu, Naoto Kedashiro

Choreographer : Aoi Yamada

Offline Editor : Atsushi Yamamoto
Online Editor : Shunsuke Endo
Colorist : Toshiki Kamei

Assistant Director : Akari Eda
Production : Tokyo Film

Special Thanks : Oi-chan

Produced by Jungo Miura, Yusuke Sato, Takuro Saito, Takashi Kashikura, Utena Kobayashi, HSU, Kid Fresino
Lyrics by Kid Fresino

Bass : Jungo Miura (PETROLZ), HSU (Suchmos)
Drums : Takashi Kashikura (toe, the HIATUS)
Keyboards : Yusuke Sato, Takuro Saito (Yasei Collective)
Steelpan, Chorus : Utena Kobayashi

I think about ur mad love is she good girl? look at my face I got a scar
I rest my case pray no god
It’s the way she moves watch it from car
絵に描き light up blindに掛ける
Chris Paul cut in 如 imma cut in
I know Holocene I understand
yeah I’m a maingun yeah it’s the real one
置かれた態度気付かずに経過 I drown in it
深い海に光のないリビング 簡易的営みとSiri
I’m bright like Prada work like Rihanna
we losing so much No Sun
save my soul like the Son Of Saul 身を正しく埋葬
hello from below the villain

take so many curves and curves
put the dog on my tat
Imma go in the dirt
they say a blessing for all I curse

If i call this model I feel like asshole
make you upset 花みたいな話は枯れる
give me some gimmicks when I dream in your bed In the end

easy as lay up
no man’s country I do my dance
backyard pour water in a garden
powder blue shit is what I like

I hear silence call my name

drive it up get Ms in the bank
still alive and that
ain’t fuck wit the game
no time to get bored and attend that party again

she started doubtin when I waited in my home
而二不二 floppy ass i searchin hoe
he got the money and power I got nothin but your attention
I had been cheating like that since I saw you on road

this is how I win big like Pop awaken
hearts are breaking down we could make them fix on the mattress
look at sides 今消えてく霧
I stare sign we were assigned step into morrow I donno your sorrow and follow you moron
think of the game I was playing frameの内側アーチを描くswallow one question. was it fly as Cardo?
新たな展開を予感してる 限りない苦痛にいくつかのtaboo
TMGE 積まれたアンプが踏みつけるtatu
like I’m in AMG wit the band round corner
King Kong ain’t got shit on me
why don’t I get applause?
mama says you deserve it
and I’m tipsy the night, the moment
there’s masterpiece who got the Shadin’?
for modeling enter the UK
this the bouquet for the girl 身は透明 筆はGauguin and worth the whole gang

20,Stop it.


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