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“Rihaa” is a prayer for the liberation from ignorance.

In this sensory reality a projection of self in a limited manner stop us from realizing that we are complete within. It is a prayer which is sung on behalf of all human beings. May we be aware that we are the master of our body and mind. May we be conscious enough to use our own body and mind to do our jobs towards the well-being of the world and all life forces. May we be in search of the real self which is free from all misery. May we fall in love with everything or the absolute, the higher self. It is a song to pray to the absolute so we travel from the darkest ignorance to the light of truth and be complete. May we liberate.

Song Composed & produced by — Arijit Singh

Hindi Lyrics written by — Shloke Lal

Bengali Lyrics written by — Arijit Singh

Guitars played by — Aditya Shankar Benia & Prachotosh Bhowmick
Bass Guitar played by — Raj Kumar Dewan
Drums played by — Souvik Roy
Tabla Played by — Sukanto Singha
Synths & Piano played by – ZIA
Flute played by — Nirmalya Humtoo Dey
Dotara played by — Tapas Roy

Additional Music Production, Mixed & Mastered by Sunny M.R.

Video Concept — Koyel Singh & Arijit Singh
Story & Script — Koyel Singh
Screenplay & Storyboarding — Arijit Singh
Director — Koyel Singh
Associate Director — Subha Sarkar

Art Team

Koyel Singh
Puja Sarkar
Subha Sarkar

Payel Roy (Costume, Hair & Props Design)

Ashish Biswal, Shyam Sundar Adhikari, Swarnava Adhikari (Jungle & animal base making)

Tuhin Chakraborty, Sourav Biswas (Assistant)
Sailen Karmakar (Soldering Assistant)

Rahul De & Tapan De (Face Sculpting & Molding)

Ajoy Da, Kuntan, Shreya Sarkar, Surinder Singh, Amar da, Basu da, Chotu & team (Stop Motion Stage with Rig making, Wooden House & Prop Making)

Puppet’s makeup & design — Koyel singh
Picture clicked for stop motion by — Sukanto Singha & Ashish Biswal
Stop Motion Puppet Animator — Subha Sarkar & Arijit Singh
VFX Shot Design, Material making, Visualization execution & supervision — Ashish Biswal

VFX Artists — Ashish Biswal , Piyush Abhay Singh & Saptarsi Mondal
VFX Assistants — Prashant Negi & Aditya

Director of Photography — Arijit Singh
Editing, Grading & Titles — Saptarsi Mondal
Subtitles — Saptarsi Mondal & Deepti Ahuja

Content producer – Oriyon Edutainment Pvt. Ltd.

Production Team — Sarbeswar Das, Sukanto Singha, Debashish, Prasenjit Jana, Madhab Da

Electrician — Prasenjit
Transport — Jasmer Singh & Madhab da

Special thanks to the Oriyon members who supported us virtually amidst Covid – 19

Tarsame Mittal, Subhadeep Chakraborty, Souvik Singha Chowdhury, Anirban Singha Chowdhury

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