The Ukraine Scandals: 5 Things To Consider

To many Americans, and citizens of the world, it seems, we have spent, the last couple of years, focusing on a variety of scandals, and/ or, potential ones! Most recently, we’ve become absorbed, and inundated with several controversies, regarding our interactions, with, and regarding, Ukraine. Once again, many of the disclosures, thus far released, seem, somewhat incriminating, and, President Donald Trump, his supporters, and enablers, have denied, and created, what seems like, some sort of alternative reality! This has become an important set of disclosures, because several potential improprieties, are brought, into the realm of possibilities/ probabilities! Among these, include, pay — for — play issues (in order to get necessary arms, did Ukraine have to try to get dirt on Trump’s potential opponent’s son), whistle — blower disclosures, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 things, we should consider, in terms of, what this might mean and represent, and indicates.

1. Whistle — blowers: Originally, one whistle — blower came forward, and made disclosures, about certain concerning behavior. Trump’s reaction was confrontational, and called, those providing the information, liars and traitors. Simultaneously, he denied any wrong — doing, referring to his phone call, as, Perfect. A combination of wrong — doings, regarding election law, pay — for — play behavior, and several other, concerning behaviors, have been among the accusations!

2. Transcripts/ summaries: Because, part of this controversy, involved a phone call between the leader of Ukraine, and our President, and the disclosure, several non — classified, phone calls, have been placed, on a separate, secure server, there was a clamor for release of the call, in question. The White House released a so — called, transcript, although, it clearly, was a summary, as indicated on the document. Even the summary, appeared, to all, but the most loyal Trump supporters, at the least, incriminating, disturbing, and concerning. We read, in the President’s own words, what appears to be, evidence, of asking a favor, in return for release of previously promised, funds/ weapons.

3. Disturbing pattern: Once again, as with Attorney General Barr’s release of his Summary of the Mueller Report, an apparent attempt to skew the facts, and put a particular, political spin, on a potentially, damaging matter, occurred! This isn’t normal!

4. Changing story: The President’s statements, have gradually, continuously changed, and/ or, been modified! He began, as he usually does, by denying anything happened. Then, claimed it was perfectly proper! This kept changing, and, the latest exclamation, as of this date, is, he only made the call, because his Energy Secretary, Rick Perry, asked him to! Of course, further stretching many people’s ability to believe, is, simultaneously, having his personal attorney, meet with Ukraine, his pattern regarding Russia, and his latest, statement, stating China, should also investigate any improprieties, by the Biden family!

5. It’s a matter of trust: While we have always, had, some degree of partisan politics, in the past, there appeared to be, some willingness, to seek some common ground, and a meeting — of — the — minds. President Trump has changed that, and, fact — checks, by the Washington Post, state, he has made over 12,000 misstatements/ lies, since he was elected!

America needs, and deserves, a President, who respects our allies, and all of the guarantees, stated in the Constitution! This isn’t normal!

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