How to Save and Keep the Right Relationships

Not to classify people into good and bad, but the fact still remain: there are some people who do not edify, complement nor bring out the best you; they break you down, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and intellectually, these you should consider letting go.

On the other hand, there are some relationships, which build you up, encourage, inspire, cultivate and challenge you to grow. These are those you should consider saving and keeping. We all need to learn and grow. With this in mind, we develop resilience and self-knowledge about our strength and weaknesses. Marriage is by far the only relationship that allows you to experience maximum growth, and at the same time help you to learn more about others than you could ever imagine. "I never knew he or she was like that; she was always so nice, and he was so charming," some will say. But the truth is, they both changed after marriage. If you want to grow and learn about yourself, get marriage.

So how do you save a relationship? Well, here are five effective ways to save any relationship worth saving.

Yard Sale Mentally (YSM) : Never get trapped in employing the (YSM); it is the practice of non-appreciation. Wherein, you care only for people until you no longer find them useful, then we dispose of them. Likewise, we use this same approach to getting rid of our stuff (clothes, toys, tools, and junk), in the spring by way of yard sale. Sellers only rid themselves of the things they once liked and no longer cherish. Many often say after looking at an item, "Wow, I remember when … but oh well, time to go." The ones you value should not be like this. Show you appreciate the people in your life now by doing the little things. Don't wait for later; if you do, it will be too late.

I'm Sorry always seem to work like a charm . Admitting your faults when you mess up or (transgress others) is a great way to save your important relationships. A humble calf sucks the most milk, but an aggressor or friend who is unwilling to admit wrong doings shall die a lonely death of thirst. I am sorry shows you've taken the time to evaluate your relationship and the feelings of those involved. Your sorry also display a heart of compassion to restoring broken straws to mend a wounded friend

Forgive others so you can be forgiven. It is difficult to save any relationship without forgiveness. The act of forgiving others frees you from the burdensome weight of guilt, sorrow, and perpetual stagnation to forwardness. It's like carrying a large bag on your shoulder for ten miles, and with each added mile you add one more bag onto our shoulders. As time progress and you finally reach tenth mile, you'll be death. Unforgiveness kills you, not them!

Be selfless; think more of others than you do yourself. If you focus on just you, you'll end up by yourself. A selfish person is self-serving; he or she seldom considers others. Give to others without expecting a return. If you give only to receive, your giving is only conditional and your relationships will be temporal. Give others their due respect. Society says, "Respect is earned and not given." But I believe that we all come with a measure of respect, it is people who take it away from you because of their ill-thinking. A great way to put others first is to pray for them; in doing so you will heal yourself in the process.

Be consistent in the good practices and minimize the bad . The best way to be remembered is through consistency. On the other hand, if you are wishy-washy, no one will respect you; mainly because they do not know who to esteem, since you are more than one personality. Sometimes you are this way, this person … that person, and the next you are someone else. "Make up your mind," people will say. If you are consistent people will admire you, even if you are a bad person. Many times people will not agree with your point of view, but will always respect consistency. At least they know what to expect from you based on the habits you have been consistent in.

Here's to your long lasting relationships.

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