Are You Really in a Good and Happy Relationship?

There have been various studies done on relationships, and it is concluded that having a relationship is just not good enough. What is important is how good your relationship is. Surprisingly, it affects your physical health as well as metal and emotional wellness. Who do you think is happier, happy married couples or happy single people? Research shows that happy married couples are much happier.

However, happy singles are much happier than unhappy, sad, married people. So, being a lonely, but still happy, single is much better than getting into bad relationships. Bad relationships can ruin your mental and physical health. When you are in a stressful relationship, your health could deteriorate day by day because stress can accumulate in your body if you are not able to release it.

Suppose that you just had a big fight with your boyfriend. You may want to resolve the issues by talking with him about it. But, he just does not want to discuss them with you. He slams the door so hard, yells aloud, and goes to bed. This is a fairly typical scenario and I have an experience like this. You feel so upset and helpless that you just couldn't sleep.

Finally, at four o'clock in the morning, you are so exhausted and fall asleep. The alarm goes off at six o'clock and you have to go to work even though you look like a zombie. You are too tired to eat anything, skipping breakfast and even lunch. The fighting last night caused you to get stressed out not only emotionally but physically due to lack of sleep and eating. Your body is not strong enough to fight germs or bacteria, and you would end up with getting sick.

You get sick so easily because your emotional stress has been weakening your immune system. The stress comes from being upset and angry and from lack of sleep and eating. Does this sound familiar to anyone? When the stress level rises above a certain point and your body cannot handle it, your immune system is affected and you get ill very easily. How can you and your partner talk about the problems and solve the issues when you are so sick?

How can we avoid this kind of situation? First, you and your partner need to be mature enough to communicate with each other after the argument. It is not good idea to wait till the next day. If your partner just slam the door and refuse to talk, that might indicate that he is not a mature person and that you are not in a good relationship.

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