6 Examples Of Troubling, Presidential Double — Talk

Many institutions, and individuals, perhaps, cherish, consistency, as much, or more than any other performance/ action. Whether one supports the present occupant of the White House, or not, it should be agreed, this individual often articulates a confusing, contradictory, and, thus, concerning message. Is it, President Trump, simply, changes his mind, mis — speaks, is misunderstood, confused, or is it his intent, to confuse others, in order to achieve his personal/ political objectives/ agenda? Is this Presidential double — talk, merely the usual political spin, and/ or, gamesmanship, or is it, intended to confuse, mislead, and/ or, distort, in order to serve his self — interest? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 examples of troubling, Presidential double — talk.

1. Economy: President Trump, often, proclaims he should be considered, the finest leader, because of the strength of the American economy. While the economy has performed well, he has, at the very least, exaggerated, some aspects. For example, the U.S. economy has experienced a near — record — setting period of a decade, without a recession, and over 7 of those, were due to his predecessor. He proclaims how well the Stock Market, has performed, and it has, but, he purposes overlooks, it was growing, for several years, at an even, higher, annual rate, before he assumed office. He made many promises about his tax reform legislation, signed at the end of 2017, but recent analyses, indicate, the primary benefits, were not the middle — class, as promised, but, the wealthiest people, and largest corporations. He avoids discussing the potential ramifications of the huge U.S. deficits. He loves taking credit, for anything, which goes well, while avoiding any personal responsibility, for undesirable impacts, etc.

2. Recession: The erratic behavior, exhibited regarding the trade war, and tariffs, with China, will be paid for by the American consumers, and not by China, as Trump proclaims. While, proclaiming, how stellar, the economy is, blames the Federal Reserve, for not lowering interest rates, even further, as he desires! While a recession is probably inevitable, at some point, regardless of who, is in the White House, the combination of huge deficits, and the impacts of the trade wars, probably, increases the odds of a more severe economic downturn!

3. China: One day, promising to negotiate, and the next, insulting the leader of the nation, and stating, we don’t need China, creates huge potential ramifications!

4. North Korea: The President has been more unfriendly towards our supposed ally, South Korea, than to the dictatorship, to the north. His negotiating style, and use of Social Media, are, at the very best, unlike anything, we have ever witnessed!

5. Russia: From the start of his administration, President Trump, has stated, there was no Russian collusion, and called it, the Russian hoax. Whether there was any involvement, or conspiracy, the evidence seems clear, there was Russian interference, which was intended to disrupt the 2016 election, etc. While he seems willing to insult our allies, and any domestic, political enemies, he seems to have nothing but praise for Putin.

6. Popularity: Blaming his friendliest media partner, because they published, polls, showing a degree of weakness,and/ or, say anything, which he doesn’t like, seems indicative, more of a punitive, moody child, than the supposed — leader of the free world. His core supporters are extremely supportive still, but recent polls, indicate, 62% of the U.S. population, gives his an unfavorable rating!

There is no place for double- talk, if one hopes, to gain the trust and respect, of foreign leaders, political opponents (and even, some members of his own party), and, comfort the American people! Wake up, America, and demand better!

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