Is Resveratrol Legitimate?

I first heard about resveratrol from one of my CPA marketing partners advertising a "Great New Anti-Aging product". I rolled my eyes having been down this road a thousand times. Type in the search word "anti-aging" in Google and you'll get back about 30 million responses all with some variation of that phrase interwoven into the core of their sites. Click on one of them and you'll see some gorgeous, sensually dressed lady measuring her waistline, or an older lady with a Photoshop-smooth skin, and a smile on her face glowing from what we presume to be her supposed usage of the next great miracle cure.

It's all bogus, of course, since age, gravity, and disease eventually kill us all. That's OK. It's all part of the plan. Or so I thought. In resveratrol there was something different; something that jumped off the page. Credibility, under this title: "As Seen on 60 Minutes". I scrunched my face and clicked.

60 Minutes, Barbara Walters, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC Are On to Something
The first thing that popped up was a news story from 60 minutes last year talking about the recent discovery of resveratrol, a chemical found in red wine, which in highly concentrated doses reversed the aging process in lab rats — which have a remarkably similar internal make up to ours. The test rats on resveratrol stayed 20% thinner, even though they were fed high fat diets. They're non-resveratrol treated lab mates got fat, developed diabetes, heart conditions, and other maladies and eventually died early deaths. The resveratrol rats had great energy, ran farther, stayed thinner, and stayed virtually disease free — and they lived a lot longer.

The news story blew my wife and I away. I did further research and found another news clip which can be seen here, this time it was Barbara Walters. Now I'm no fan of the view, or for that matter of Barbara Walters, but she has already established herself as a credible news lady. It's a much later clip than the 60 minutes clip, and has some details of the results of now, ongoing human trials. It really is breathtaking. What we find out is that humans are responding amazingly to the drug, Alzheimers seems to be reversing, heart disease disappearing, and the effects of age slowing. It really is a miracle.

Enter the FDA Handringers Opressing us for Our own Good
And there's always a "but" to include. With this great discovery we find that the creators of the drug will not even seek FDA approval for another five years. The average time for a drug to get approved is 5-15 years.

Let me say this about our FDA in America. Our FDA bureaucracy is one that denies terminal cancer patients, many who suffer miserable pain and discomfort as they approach death, the right to experimental drugs, in the name of "safety". I love our medical system. With all of its flaws, it's still the greatest innovator of medicinal breakthroughs in the world. Our FDA, on the other hand, is one of the most, petty, self-important, collection of hand-ringing, bean-counting bureaucrats in the universe. And I submit by virtue of opinion, that the FDA is responsible for a great many lives ending early because they feel the need to "protect us from ourselves". Let's be honest. A drug that makes such bold claims may likely never get approved by the FDA.

Supplements anyone?
Enter in the Vitamin and supplements market, which, largely operates outside of the watchful eye of the FDA. Many of them are already starting to harvest resveratrol from red wine and delivering it in the form of a natural supplement, rather than a drug.

This is great news on one hand, because it means more people may have access to an outstanding supplement, without having to pay the price for ten billion dollars of research, most of which is just to protect billion dollar corporations from inevitable lawsuits. Plus, many of these companies are just as technologically advanced as their FDA smothered counterparts. They're primary difference is in their marketing venues.

The FDA approved drug (if it ever happens) will be "sold" to patients by the doctor, which, while it lends a lot of credibility, and virtually guarantees billions in return for the billions the drug companies will spend in research, it doesn 't necessarily mean the drug is any better than what will come out of the supplements community.

Scammers are worse than the FDA
The downside, of course, is that for every legitimate seller of the supplement, there will be 100 scammers pushing bogus offers. Consider the Acai berry scandals. Acai berries are a fascinating little berry, containing some of the world's highest concentrations of antioxidents. The effects really are astounding, and proven. The Acai berry is the real deal. Take it regularly, and you'll feel better, have more energy, etc., etc., and it may, in its own right counter some of the problems which come with aging, just by virtue of it's anti-oxidant nature.

Enter the marketers of Acai berries, who tricked people into recurring payments, sometimes as high as $ 110.00 per month for a bottle of pills and made billions of dollars selling their supplements, which many times weren't even acai berries. This has lead to countless many lawsuits, one of them including Oprah Winfrey taking them on, which has given this magnificent little berry and undeserved bad reputation. This is already starting with resveratrol.

Be Vigilant
So how do you know what to look for? First of all. A good seller will have a phone number, and minimal fine print. If you find a web page selling resveratrol do a web search with the web address and the words "scam" along with it. There's nothing wrong with paying per month for the supplement. I don't have an issue with that. But the fact is, many people will get tricked by.

Do your due diligence. Don't get sucked into a sales pitch, and make an impulse buy. Use Google to research a seller, and make an informed decision. The company below is an honest provider of, so far, a great resveratrol product. While I can't say that I'm seeing any type of age reversal, it is definitely had an amazing effect on my energy level, and has given a much needed boost to my activity levels, which has anti-aging properties all its own .

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