Cool Christmas Gifts Ideas For 9 Year Old Boys

I'm sure you are well aware that the Christmas gift shopping has to get done pretty soon but maybe you are stuck for original ideas. If you have to find a present for a 9 year old boy then this article might be able to point you in the right direction. It will present three cool Christmas gift ideas for 9 year old boys or boys around that age.

The first gift idea is an old favorite. It's LEGO. But not just the simple block sets that certainly encourage creativity but may also be a bit dull for kids of around 9 years of age. The item presented here is the City Public Transport set.

This is far more advanced from the plain old blocks, as it is a set with a theme. And that theme, of course, is a public transport system. In the set you get a train or tram system with station. You also get a filling station for road vehicles and a bus. There are a few other cars, like a street sweeping vehicle, a flash yellow sports car and, believe it or not, a bicycle. There are also a few LEGO characters to drive and ride on these transport systems.

Kids will love to play with the set on its own or they can incorporate it into their existing LEGO sets. It is a fairly new release as it only came out in August this year so it's bound to be a toy to get any kids that are mad on Lego and want to add to their collection.

Another toy that is sure to appeal to boys is the AT AT Walker model. The AT AT walker (All Terrain Armored Transport) is part of the Star Wars movies. Most kids today may be up on the Clone Wars and the latest characters from this time in the Star Wars legend but this is a way to get them into the older movies.

The AT AT is from the second Star Wars movie (chronologically speaking) and is such a fantastic looking machine that most fans of the movies would love to have such a toy. The toy is a well detailed model of the real machines.

You can open the cockpit to see all the dashboard decal and there is space for character, like the driver and commander to steer the walker. You can also open the body to store stormtroopers and gear for the impending battle. As part of the toy, you also get an imperial bike speeder which can be stored in the body.

The final toy that is sure to suit a 9 year old boy (or girl for that matter) is the Razor E200 scooter. This is an motor driven deck style scooter. It looks a bit like a skateboard with a steering column. You can even get a similarly designed scooter without the motor which requires leg power to move it, but most kids already have something like this. They'd really love one with a motor on it.

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